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This is literally how it is for a non english speaker to perfect a word pronunciation!

a vine by meshal al jaser

Jesus this is gold

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synchronized catting


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I shouldn’t have laughed at this anywhere near as long as i did.

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Ji Hye Park for Dolce & Gabbana F/W 14.15 Lookbook

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Drabbles? In MY inbox?

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Hot Coffee

The campus coffee shop was nothing special at all — just a place to pass the half an hour in between his first class and the next. Sorin did not even think that the coffee was anything worth talking about, but it was easier to stop in here than to go to the Starbucks off campus. He did complain about the place and its lackluster coffee to anyone who would listen, though. This was mostly his personal assistant, Muneshige. The man had to listen to every complaint of Sorin’s for that matter. He was not here now, though. This time was Sorin’s alone time, where he would drink coffee that he did not like while updating his fashion blog with descriptions and even candid photos of people’s outfits that he also did not like.

Of course, he was impeccably dressed today in grey skinny jeans and a matching knitted poncho. He was also wearing Sofia Vergara frames, even though he didn’t need corrective lenses. Sorin just liked the way his face looked in glasses, and so he wore them as he would any other accessory. He did love a man in glasses. That is why the brunette that walked past his table caught his eye.

This person sure looked good in green. He dared a candid shot with his iPhone and then ducked behind his laptop as though the open lid was a barricade, shielding him while he took a look at his scandalous photo. On second glance, Sorin found reason to hate his outfit. Maybe it worked because the person wearing it was so handsome, but Sorin himself would never go with sweater vests, and those suspenders. It was just a mess, but a beautiful sort of mess, he supposed.

A face like that should not go without proper compliment, he felt. Deciding that he would tell this person so, Sorin sat up straight again as he cleared his throat. However, the handsome, but not so flatteringly dressed young man had managed to disappear.

"I’ll find him, though," Sorin promised himself as he sipped on that coffee that he hated. "I’ll find him, and then I’ll make him into the sexiest man on campus!"

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Water Balloons Falling (and Bouncing) in Slow Motion.

Rewatch the video.

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The girls decided to have a sleepover on my legs

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